Once again I find myself writing an endless monologue. It claws out of my brain, I have to write it down, otherwise it’l just keep going on and on, and I am starting to get tired of it. So this is something you probably don’t want to read, but it just had to be written. I will try my best to be honest with what I recall, as such some things might be incoherent, for such are memories.

I write to keep these memories before they are lost to oblivion. And to attempt to trace the experience that lead me to my beliefs today.

The funny property of memory is that it is modified whenever it is accessed. This blog will have multiple uses. My personal use is for introspection, as the images in my mind and the memories cannot be captured by a photograph, they must be written down. The self changes the symbols and masquerades a reality every time it seeks to view things. I wish to save these states and contemplations as is for later review. The second objective is also personal, writing things down and re-reading them allows me to contemplate the finer details or remember those. The third objective is to express myself in the way I see best fit, and follows my own beliefs, I will present myself as genuinely as I see myself, with all the self-deceptions that I carry. And I have no problem expressing exactly and honestly my memories, even if you are a stranger, for it matters not. This is my world, and you are free to peek in, explore and ask. Such is knowledge, if you desire to know, feel free to read, those who do not genuinely desire such will drop the task.

"What I have shown you is reality. What you remember, that is the illusion”