The Big Burp

Posted on December 24, 2012

... And then came Terry.

Terry was the kind of man that was never abstemious.

Terry was always hungry.

Although he generally settled for vegetables, fruits and actual meat.

He realized that this wasn’t really helping.


So Terry tried to eat discussions and ideas, especially the creative ones; those made his tummy happy.

But alas! This wasn’t enough to satisfy his hunger and thirst.

Terry had an appetite the size of the universe.

An amazing idea dawned on Terry one day.

He decided to eat… the whole universe.

So Terry opened wide, and with one gulp swallowed the entire universe.

This of course, generally causes some problems.

The universe was huge after all.

It caused Terry to burp.

Then Terry realized something.

He realized he was part of the universe too!

Terry never liked upsetting the order of nature. Nature was the source of his food.

So, he did the inconceivable:

Terry wondered for a minute whether or not his burp was also part of the universe, decided to play safe and ate it.

Then he ate himself.

Seconds later, it dawned on him that nothing really changed.

The only slight change was that, in his tummy lied the entire universe and in it, himself which also contained the entire universe.

Terry was also the curious type.

Curiosity is generally an acquired taste, a consequence of eating alot of creative ideas.

So he decided to weigh himself.

Oddly enough, he realized that he only gained 42 grams which was not at all what he expected.

Terry was also a man of science, and knew that the universe must have weighed some more.

A moment later, Terry realized what was the issue.

In reality what happened was a paradox.

And paradoxes have the fun property of incurring a slight laughter in the brain which renders it incapable of reaching a conclusion.

Terry knew this because he ate paradoxes before, they were common mainly because paradoxes are generally tasty and go along well with argument salads.

Terry then proceeded to take his afternoon nap.

The following will be the recollection of events and people that happened before the great paradox.


All characters appearing in this blog are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. All opinion, philosophies, standpoints and arguments, are assumed to be hazardous and wrong in advance.