Ladybug Lessons

Posted on January 1, 2013

Lisa was always found of listening to her aunt’s storytelling. She used to tell stories that were often odd yet magical. Lisa was excited about the uncommon. So Lisa sat down and stared eagerly at her aunt waiting for the story:

It was rumoured that in remote area in the mountains, there was an unfamous ladybug teacher called Maria. Maria, however, was far from the average typical teacher. She teaches only too few important lessons a year.

This of course, upset the students’ parents. Parents often like to listen to their children recite verses of famous poets, build large complex sentences, manipulate easily large numbers and be disciplined and well mannered. Parents liked their kids so much, that they could not let them do anything that would distract them from learning all these wonderful things about the world. After all parents knew alot more what was good for the children than the children themselves. Those seem to muck around and do nothing significant all day if left to their own. After all complex words such as bubulcitate would not be discovered by the child if the child was left to play alone, and all the other children who knew what that would mean would have become alot smarter. This is why, parents valued alot of lessons per year, it made their children smarter. That was also a general consensus amongst teachers, and teachers knew they were doing good, when the child could recite all the work they had given.

Maria however, had another peculiar way of giving lessons. Maria used to keep repeating a lesson until one of her students would resist what she was saying. Maria expected students to prove that her lesson was wrong. And as long as the students failed to do so, Maria would just keep on repeating the lessons, until some student find something that seems not to match what the student has experienced. Maria would sometimes also leave the students to themselves and let them chat together. Talking in class was generally looked down upon, for it used to disturb the important lesson with unsignificant matter. This however was not an issue for Maria, she used to let them talk, and used to just walk in on a discussion and join in. These discussions were very common, that lessons time was somewhat rare compared to these. The ladybug would at times bring new shiny and often pointless objects to the classroom, and lets the students toy with them. Maria would often also, attempt to discuss other stuff the students would bring with them; a typical discussion was discussing with the students the various ingredients a student’s lunch was made off, and how they can themselves assemble it. This made the students more excited to know about their food, after all, stuff they were actually eating, were more interesting than apples falling from trees. These seemed to be wasted.

And this is why, Maria was mostly infamous. Kids were happy during classes, granted that they were not learning much important lessons. The parents were not much happy about it.