A Lesson in Geometry

Posted on January 1, 2013

Strolling on a shiny white paper, on a fine Sunday morning, was a ... square.

Generally, a Square is not much found of being disturbed by intersecting lines on Sundays, so it decided to wander off on the negative part of the y-axis, since it was feeling a bit low.

After hopping for a few units, the square sees a weird line standing a bit lower to it, dormant.

Generally the square never feels a curiosity to ask. It was perfectly sized and had all the right angles on important matters. It had a certain confidence too, since it always won arguments when conversing with triangles, Triangles always seemed to lack a point.

Puzzled, the square shouted: “Hello? We don’t see you much around, who are you?”

The straight line rotated and to the square's amazement there stood a familiar figure.

The figure then spoke thus: “Oh hello there, I am the cube”.

It paused for a while then continued: “I generally don’t tend to hang around other shapes on this plane.”

The square startled, inquired: “But you do look like a square, how could you say you are different?”.

The square never liked seeing similar shapes, especially ones with equal sides and right alignments. It felt threatened.

The cube, amused answered: “I may be a square, but that depends on how deeply you look at things.”

The square, offended, retorted: “Are you implying I know not of depth, I, the all knowing perfect shape? Well what do you know of depth?!”

The cube giggled and strolled away.