Robert Has A Problem

Posted on January 28, 2016

Robert has been staring at the blank page before him for quite some time now.

If the page could talk it would probably complain.

Robert was wondering by now about many other stuff, instead of actually thinking about the problem that was written down on the page.

So he decided to go out for a walk.

The city outside was crowded with people. There was a lot of noise.

Some were trying to sell you things you would never need.

Others were walking alone talking to cellphones.

It appears that people cannot bear to walk alone.

Generally, being alone was considered the first sign of insanity, and thus was regarded as highly dangerous.

The city had that taint of grey in its smell, as if it was a gigantic graveyard.

In short, many people were afraid of the zombie apocalypse, not knowing that it had already happened, only with less biting and a faster walking pace.

Robert took a turn from the shops area and landed on a very crowded open area.

This area was different from the regular streets of the city, for one, it was very crowded, for two, it had a lot more noise.

The area was named the "Revolution Axis", since mostly all people desiring change would wander in it.

Some of these desired change because they were upset by something that did not benefit them, some because they were told that change was better, and others were bored and had nothing better to do.

The crowd also included those that could not think very hard and decided that shouting will solve the problem.

Some of the insane people speculated on the effectiveness of the area stating the following: "If you have something fixed on an axis and you do revolutions, you end up doing nothing after eating two pies.".

The banner wielding people did not really like pie and wondered what it had to do with it, and so assumed that the people were insane.

Robert decided to contemplate his problem while walking. He thought there was different approaches to solving problems.

Robert thought the first two approaches were a bit like magic, where you just wish for something and then mutter incantations, and then it gets magically fixed.

Robert knew that this kind of magic did not really exist and all those people just liked having imaginary friends and believing in magic, doing so makes problems a lot easier to solve.

Robert then undertook the quest of finding one of the people of the fourth category, knowing that those are most invisible to see, it would perhaps prove to be a hard task...