Old McDonut's Farm

Posted on October 18, 2019

In the countryside, J. McDonut tended to his farm on the daily. He had a big barn where he kept his sheep flock.

However, his heart wasn't as big as his barn, he would often mistreat his sheep by yelling at them. He would also keep them often locked for long hours in the barn.

The sheep were not particularly happy with how they were treated. The sheep could not really tell that the poor farmer was getting old and developing dementia.

They often looked for wolves for freedom. They envied the wolves in the wilderness as they had no masters.

One day, a bold sheep by the name S.W Kornet had had enough, he stole the secret lotion that made the sheep's fur fall.

He wanted the potion for two reasons. Firstly, it made them look less of a soft ball of fuzzy, and more like a groomed wolf. Secondly, it made them bald which they found quite inspiring as it was a play on words for bold.

Kornet knew that two elements combined would create enough appeal to motivate the sheep to do something about their state.

Having convinced himself and his fellow sheep that they too can be wolves, he promised to leave the barn to negotiate with wolves in order to come back and free all of them overnight.

His wish would come true the following night. McDonut forgot to lock the barn door. He was too busy chasing mosquitoes and yelling "get off my lawn you damn aliens". And so Kornet set out on his quest to liberate his flock.

Months passed, and the flock still awaited Kornet's return, they expected him to take long to negotiate as wolves were free and required more convincing.

Kornet approached the wolves with full confidence. He believed to be a wolf after all. All he had to do was to prove himself to be as free and bold as they were.

The wolves of course negotiated thoroughly and were eventually satisfied.

They had successfully negotiated on which parts to eat, and they sure were satisfied with their free meal. But also, and more importantly, a bald sheep meant no wool got stuck in their teeth.

The flock having realized that old McDonut was not visiting anymore, decided to seize their own freedom before new masters could settle.

They drowsed themselves in lotion and water.

They were now #bold and #free! The new pack of sheep stormed the door, stomped the ground, and head outside.

Once outside they chanted "down with our masters, we are now #free", then they rammed the already fragile barn, tearing the walls.

They celebrated by running in circles, rolling in the dirt, and stomping the ground.

It was a glorious day.

Their prison had now collapsed, their wool had fallen, they were now free wolves!

The sheep's joy was short lived. Winter arrived. The cold weighed heavy on the bald sheep's bones. They tried breaking the outer fence but the fence was too sturdy, and they were too weak. They could not escape their free land.

They saw in the distance their kin. Was it finally Kornet returning with the free wolves to save them?

The sheep cheered welcoming their kin.

There was a loud noise.

There was an even louder noise.

There was silence.

There was no wool stuck in teeth.

The flock was finally #free.